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We value every partner who is willing to share their professionalism and quality products
Quality and production

Our Priorities

We look for suppliers whose products meet our high quality standards and impeccable taste
Reliability and Timeliness
It is important to us to cooperate with reliable suppliers who are ready to fulfill orders on time

Benefits of Working with us

History of success
Our company has a rich history, which makes cooperation with us profitable and prestigious
Long-term relationships
We are committed to building long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers
High sales volume
Our institution is very popular among both residents and guests of St. Petersburg, which favorably affects cooperation
If you are interested in a partnership, send your commercial proposal to our e-mail address, or leave an application, and we will contact you
How to Start Cooperation
We will review your request as soon as possible and contact you to discuss the details of cooperation
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