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Leningrad pyshka bakery at Bolshaya Konyushennaya

25 Bolshaya Konyushennaya St., St. Petersburg
Keeping traditions since 1958

Our pyshka bakery is in the Red Book of memorable places of Saint Petersburg and became a colorful symbol of the city's culture

Pyshka is an original name for a dessert made by the old Russian way of frying dough in oil, close to the modern deep fryer. It is similar to doughnut in shape and close to pyshka in the way it is cooked. Moreover, the pyshka itself is a purely Leningrad phenomenon, and the building where the bakery is now was built in the XVIII century, keeping its historical significance.
The machine that makes the pyshka you eat every day was released back in the '50s! Yes, it’s true!
When you visit our bakery, you enter a place that holds many secrets and memories. With pride, we keep the technology of baking the very same pyshka, that became popular in the USSR, paying specific attention to the creation of the atmosphere

Pyshka made in the old-fashioned way are our honor!

We lavishly sprinkle our pyshka with powdered sugar, which gives them caramel flavor. Following the traditions, we don't add any other supplements or toppings.
Pyshka with powdered sugar and coffee with condensed milk are the best match, just like in the old times

Awards and reviews

Leningrad pyshka bakery at Bolshaya Konyushennaya, 25 is not just a place where you can taste marvelous pyshka. It is a true discovery for gourmets and sweet tooths, and reviews of the visitors as well as awards from professionals


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