Place where memories come alive

On the menu of our cozy café is only one but flawless hero: Pyshka. They are just incredible! Fluffy, delicious and savory, they are sure to bring back the taste of nostalgic childhood. Just imagine biting into this tender, flavorful pyshka that melts in your mouth. A real paradise for sweet tooths.
And that's not all. The prices we set are extremely fair. Here you have the opportunity to enjoy wonderful crumpets with a cup of nice coffee with condensed milk without ruining your wallet. All meals and drinks are offered at a democratic price, so everyone could afford this wonderful gastronomic trip back in time.
If you want to go back to the Soviet Union and feel the warmth of the past, then our bakery is the perfect choice. Come and delve into a magical world of nostalgia, flavors and tastes.
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